‍Sunday May 17, 2020

‍The 2020 Garbage Trail Walk is cancelled.

‍Everybody associated with the Walk, in the past, now and looking ahead to better times, including walkers, volunteers, sponsors and everybody else, we’ve grown into one big family. We know that nine weeks from now, May 17th, your concern will be with your immediate family confronting this pandemic and its aftermath. So first things first, we’ll skip this year.

‍Woody wrote that, as people, all we are, “anyway, is a hoping machine.” So look forward to the 2021 Garbage Trail Walk. It won’t be our “21st Annual” but it will be our 20th walk!  A celebration is in order!!!

‍So all you walkers, pledgers, pledge-gathers, sandwich makers, ice cream scoopers, table luggers, van drivers, folks in Alice’s kitchen, run-arounders, adder-uppers, singers, strummers, sponsors and those I’ve surely overlooked, you’re all on standby for May  2021 when the Garbage Trail good times will resume! As always, a splendid time is ga-ron-teed for all.