Sunday May 23, 2021 (cancelled)

We made a special virtual HD Walk for everyone since we can’t be together in person premiering Sunday, May 23 at 10:00a EST. Hope you enjoy :)

Special thanks to Berkshire Roots for partnering with us during the month of May as their charity spotlight.

Berkshire Roots creates monthly charity spotlights through customer change roundups and roll-up programs, matching contributions, in-kind donation drives, and staff volunteers to participate with a wide variety of worthy groups, nonprofits, and community organizations.

Feeling generous? Checks can be made out to:


216 Beach Rd

Washington, MA 01223

Venmo: @Lisa-Guthrie-37

So all you walkers, pledgers, pledge-gathers, sandwich makers, ice cream scoopers, table luggers, van drivers, folks in Alice’s kitchen, run-arounders, adder-uppers, singers, strummers, sponsors and those I’ve surely overlooked, you’re all on standby for May  2022 when the Garbage Trail good times will resume! As always, a splendid time is ga-ron-teed for all.